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Tuesday , December , 11 2018
Who We Are

As a national supplier/distributor premium and incentive market, our product offerings are specially selected to appeal across a broad spectrum of lifestyles and interests. We offer an assortment of brand name products and packages to meet a variety of needs and price points. These products allow us to be of full assistance in your next incentive contest, catalog, customer rewards, dealer loader, employee program, or executive gift and rewards program.


Successful rewards and recognition programs depend on products that inspire  and motivate. These are brands that evoke quality and best-in-class  leadership, creating a lasting impression for the recipient and an aspiration for continued achievement. Brands and products that are properly matched to the target audience drive program performance.


The Elite Creations Product Collection offers program owners high impact, world class brands that add prestige to any program or event. The products within these great brands have been selected to reach a broad cross-section of interests and lifestyles. Elite Creations also offers several "value brands"  with high quality and perceived value at more modest price points. 


A one stop shopping source, built around five core product collections:


Elite Creations is a division of Power Equipment Company, located 60 miles west of Chicago  in the town of Cortland, IL.  The company was founded in Chicago in  1948 as a highly respected distributor of outdoor power equipment. Later, it became the exclusive Honda Engines and power equipment distributor for IL and IN.

After building a reputation for extraordinary service, inventory control and shipping,  Elite Creations was prepared to enter into the premium and incentive market in 1981.  Over the next four decades,  the company has steadily grown by adding product lines that reflect the needs of the marketplace.

Today,the company remains family-owned  and is committed to a simple proposition:
If you do business with us, three things will happen.  You are going to be happy, we are going to be happy, and your customers are going to be happy.


Our Values and Mission

With our roots firmly in multi-step product distribution, we approach our relationships with suppliers, sales representatives, clients and end-users with a simple business philosophy:

We make it easy to do business with us.

This is a simple expression of a concept that requires a commitment for us to live up to day in and day out. It is also summed up in the company's Mission  Statement:

By making it easy to do business with us,  we provide our customers with the opportunity  to fully satisfy the needs of their own customers. We succeed in our business by helping others succeed in theirs.